PPBA has attracted the attention of several students, both from the state of Pará and from other parts of Brazil, to develop their studies from the perspective of the coastal area. Mainly because it is based in the city of Bragança, located in the northeast coastal zone of the state, which besides being one of the oldest cities of Pará is considered an important collaborator in the development of the state. The coastline of Bragança is highly targeted in studies conducted on the Amazon coast, so the Program contributes significantly to the scientific development of the region. Since the approval of the Doctorate course in 2007, PPBA has provided the training of new doctors in the context of the Northern region, which has a shortage of professionals with this level of qualification.


Contribution to the development of basic education

The Program has contributed to the growth of basic education in the Amazon region and in the Northern region as a whole, since in addition to training professionals to work in higher education institutions and research institutes, PPBA also provides training for teachers who will work in primary and secondary education, in public and private schools in the region.


External performance

The external work of the program's faculty is notable for its participation in official bodies such as journal editors, ad hoc journals consultants, organizers, speakers and panelists of national and international events and representatives of scientific societies.