Interaction with other Graduate Programs

PPBA has partnerships with several Graduate Programs of UFPA and also with other institutions, contributing to the development of the curricular structure of the Program that presents as main characteristic the flexibility. The students of PPBA have the possibility of studying subjects in the programs of Aquatic Ecology and Fisheries, Zoology, Anthropology, Animal Science, among others. Also within the scope of the curriculum, it is also worth mentioning the discipline called "Integration Seminars", taught by UFPA professors and other institutions. It consists of conducting lectures and defenses of diversified themes, in order to meet the multidisciplinary teaching offered by the program. 


Integration with Undergraduate

PPBA is in perfect harmony with the Undergraduate courses of the Campus of Bragança, which includes the Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences, implemented in 1999, the Bachelor’s Degree of Fisheries Engineering, implemented in 2004/05, and the Natural Sciences course, implemented in 2009. The Campus also has courses in Pedagogy, History, Literature, and Mathematics. In spite of the diversity between the Area of Concentrations, there is an effective integration with PPBA, where all the professors of the Program also work in the Undergraduate courses, as well as several professors of the Undergraduate Courses are students of the Program, both at Masters and Doctorate levels, developing dissertations and theses mainly related to coastal management, environmental education and socioeconomic aspects of fishing and extractivism in the coastal zone.


Qualification of Civil Servants

The Program has participation in the UFPA Institutional Support Program for Servants Qualification (PADT), where in 2011 eight servants were added to the program, five of them in the Master's course and three in the Doctorate. For 2013, nine new vacancies for faculty and staff of the institution were also made available under the PADT program.